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Statistics Jobseeker - 3271

Profile Intro: A fresh graduate of the M.Sc. in Statistics program of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Strong mathematical background (B.Sc in Mathematics from the University of Athens) and able R programmer. Eager to build statistical models for data analysis and prediction.

Profile Updated: 13/06/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 3270

Profile Intro: I am a highly mathematical oriented individual with a strong background in data analysis and manipulation. I have experience with R, SAS, MatLAB, SPSS, Minitab and CrystalBall. I am proficient in both frequentist and bayesian approach modelling and have experience in optimisation, risk and predictive modelling. I also ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 08/06/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 3269

Profile Intro: I am a soon-to-be graduate with a Master's in Mathematical Finance and an undergraduate in Actuarial Science based in Cape Town, South Africa, hoping to apply my skills abroad

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 30/05/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 3268

Profile Intro: I am a Technologist and Geologist with a strong focus on GIS. Brings to the fore experience in integrating, interpreting, analysing and visualising data. Expertise in data extraction of trends, presenting to stakeholders and delivering insights. I possess excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation skills and c ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 30/05/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 3267

Profile Intro: An enthusiastic data analyst with 6 years of experience and extensive knowledge on how to make it more accessible, provide insight and increase in value. Technically skilled at every stage of the data management cycle. Effective at communicating between business and technical needs to ensure project success. Currently ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 13/03/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 3266

Profile Intro: A dedicated individual with extensive experience in the automotive industry in various roles over the last 31 years. Able to work well under pressure in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced as having worked for multiple large organisations. A task oriented, highly motivated ...

Experience: 4-6 Yrs

Profile Updated: 05/03/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 3265

Profile Intro: I am an enthusiastic team player.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 01/03/2019

Statistics Jobseeker - 519

Profile Intro: I am an experienced researcher and analytical professional producing evidence-based solutions for strategic policy development. Design, management, author and presenter of research project reports and impact assessments of socio-economic, demographic and public health analysis in a multi-agency partnership environ ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 12/09/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2934

Profile Intro: I am a qualified and experienced IT professional, having worked in a range of positions including Technical Support Analyst and Testing. I am used to providing support within an international business context in a round the clock operation.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 10/09/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2932

Profile Intro: I am looking for data scientist and bioinformatics jobs in Surrey or London. I have degree in computer science and master in informatics and computational biomedicine.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 03/09/2018