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Statistics Jobseeker - 2876

Profile Intro: I am an ambitious, well organised and conscientious individual who possesses key experience and deep knowledge of GDPR, Data Protection, PECR, Risk Assessment, Project Management and Training. I have over sixteen years experience as a data privacy professional operating at the highest level on a variety of multi-discip ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 13/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2872

Profile Intro: I am a BA Hons graduate looking to gain experience in the Data / Research, Insurance / Financial areas. I am flexible and looking to start in a company who will help me to develop my skill base and progress within their organisation

Experience: 0 Yrs

Profile Updated: 12/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2871

Profile Intro: Currently I'm casually looking for remote work in a field of VBA applications development or Excel data management, nevertheless, I'm open for other full time job offers related to process managemet. Three years of experience in work as a supervisor in Process and Quality Team in PwC Poland. Master of laws with e ...

Experience: 4-6 Yrs

Profile Updated: 11/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2867

Profile Intro: Dear recruiting team I'm confident in research and analyse methods in Criminology and Psychology ability to apply both criminology and psychology theoretical approaches do to research. Ability to handle, analyse and interpret complex data, before presenting it back based on the overall analysis made. Ability to manag ...

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 09/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2869

Profile Intro: A statistician with five years experience, I am now looking fr a new challenge.

Experience: 4-6 Yrs

Profile Updated: 07/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2865

Profile Intro: Graduate from The University of Greenwich, aiming to find a role allowing the development of new and existing skills. Highly motivated individual with strong interpersonal skills and possess the ability to communicate easily with experience in retail and admin.

Experience: 0 Yrs

Profile Updated: 05/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2861

Profile Intro: I am a PhD Researcher with experience within Data / Research, I have 1-3 yrs previous experience. I am looking for work Nationwide

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 02/07/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2855

Profile Intro: I have collected and reported data in my last three places of employment, going back to 2001, using tools, Access databases and Excel spreadsheets and dashboards I have designed and built myself, as well as tailor made databases for my specific role. I have gathered, analysed, manipulated and compiled data into report ...

Experience: 6+ Yrs

Profile Updated: 29/06/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2854

Profile Intro: I have science PhD and am an advanced Excel user.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 28/06/2018

Statistics Jobseeker - 2852

Profile Intro: d.

Experience: 1-3 Yrs

Profile Updated: 26/06/2018