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Administrative Data Analyst

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, Permanent

Posted: 2 hours ago


We are looking for an Administrative Data Analyst to provide an enhanced administrative data analytical service for the Victim CARE service for Nottinghamshire.

As our Administrative Data Analyst, you will ensure all key victim data is captured, managed and reported effectively in line with contractual expectations of the Police and Crime Commissioners Office. You will be accessing a range of crime management systems to generate reports and interrogate data to ensure victims are identified, supported and monitored throughout their victim journey.

You will be liaising with Victim CARE Caseworkers, ensuring they are provided with timely updates regarding any data relating to victims being supported, including immediate flags relating to significant changes in risk or need.

As Administrative Data Analyst your main duties will include:

* Ensuring all relevant case information is appropriately recorded on agreed systems

* Having direct access to the Police NICHE system to check court outcomes for potential Restorative Justice cases.

* Ensuring the interaction between systems and organisations are all correctly updated, including the transfer and recording of any material received by email and paper records

* Supporting Senior Caseworkers in the preparation and allocation of victim case files to Victim CARE Caseworkers

* Acting as a conduit to share and receive information directly from victims and the wide range of services and agencies involved in each case

* Identifying and creating critical points and alerts along the victim journey ensuring Caseworkers are kept wholly informed timely of key dates and sentencing outcomes as they are awarded

For a full list of duties for this role, please see the job description

Please also see the video at the bottom of this advert to hear from Jas, who works in one of our other Victim services

Job Details

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom