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London London United Kingdom, E1 £24,000 , Permanent

Posted: 18 hours ago


If you are looking for a chance to make an impact and see your work make a real difference there are few industries that come close to the feedback loop in an online-gaming business. By adopting a data first mandate in the company, the candidate has the platform to let their analytical talent shine, as research, analysis and insights has little friction into making it into the real-world.

This role is 4 days WFH, 1 day at the office in St Albans


  • Owning web-analytics, product insight, and supporting UI/UX on data/experiment driven product design
  • Build and maintain a suite of reports to monitor product funnels and user behaviour
  • Recommend and conduct UI/UX experiments in conjunction with the product team with rigorous statistical methodology (stratified sampling, A/B testing, Bayesian/Frequentist methods)
  • Maintain event tagging in our web-analytics platform in conjunction with product and development teams
  • Build a knowledge/research library on user behaviour, UX insights and hypotheses.


  • Degree in Mathematics / Economics / Quantitative field.
  • Hands-on experience in applied statistics.
  • Interest in web-behaviour, web-analytics and user experience.
  • Demonstrable experience / passion for data analysis & interpreting large data-sets.
  • Familiarity with R and SQL is a bonus
  • Experience in web-analytics software (Google analytics, Freshpaint) is a bonus
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Team player
  • Good time-management skills
  • Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills

Questions for applicants to think about:

Choose your own path:

  • Where would you like to grow your data expertise?
  • What kind of problems would you like to work on?


  • Describe a workflow (start/end) when you analysed data. What are the key steps in this process?
  • Describe a time when you convinced someone else using the data you analysed?
  • How do you design a good statistical test?
  • Describe some statistical techniques and where they can be applied for some real-world problems?


  • When/where do you think we could apply bayesian modelling and for what types of problems?
  • What do you know about multi-armed bandit problems? Where do you think you can apply it in a business like ours?

Job Details

London, United Kingdom