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Business Data Analyst

London London United Kingdom, E1 £21 - £23 , Temporary

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Business Data Analyst

Greenacre are pleased to be supporting a housing organisation with their recruitment of a Business Data Analyst, on an interim basis.

The main focus of this role is to extract and manipulate data.

The Business Analyst will work collaboratively across the company to develop, maintain, review and refine a robust performance management framework for the business, understanding what drives business performance, investigating and communicating areas for improvement in efficiency and productivity. The post holder will validate and analyse key performance across the company providing business insight and produce regular data reports that meet the needs of the Executive Team, the Senior Management Team, the Board and key stakeholders to facilitate continuous business improvement.

* Responsible for the management of a central framework for performance collation and monitoring data integrity processes to ensure performance data is of the highest quality

* Develop effective reporting arrangements to assist the Executive and Senior Management Teams to understand performance trends, forward projections and the implications of these for performance and financial targets

* Create best-practice reports based on data mining, analysis, and visualization

* Work across the business to co-ordinate and maintain the company's key performance information, ensuring information is recorded, monitored and reported accurately and consistently

* Lead the development and application of analytical software to assist with the preparation and development of management reports for all areas of the business

* Provide insightful data that enables Senior Management to make properly informed business decisions

* Investigate reasons behind issues with performance, supporting managers to understand these, and identify actions to improve

* Evaluate internal systems for efficiency, problems, and inaccuracies, developing and maintaining protocols for handling, processing, and cleaning data and providing quality assurance for data

* Work directly with the Senior Management Team and users to gather requirements, provide status updates, and build relationships

* Ensure the data models used by the business are able to produce the various levels of reporting required and work with the Senior Management Team to make adjustments where this is not the case

* Manage data sources, including security, and support initiatives for data integrity and normalisation

* Undertake regular audits to validate performance data across all areas of the business and ensure high levels of consistency and data integrity

* Create and maintain rich interactive visualisations through data interpretation and analysis integrating various reporting components from multiple data sources

* Provide accurate and timely data analysis to support business improvement initiatives

* Undertake regular analysis of the business's procurement software outputs, identifying trends and reporting these to the business

* Undertake detailed analytical work to establish trends and business insights and areas for system improvements to enable the business to continually improve

* Assist with the development of new system and software solutions for the production of reports and statistical information

* Aid the development and integrity of the database and computer systems to advance the quality of research and information gathering, continually reviewing systems, including new technology, and implementation of any improvements or enhancements

Job Details

London, United Kingdom
£21 - £23