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Data Analyst

Reading, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, Permanent

Posted: 8 hours ago


Our client is looking for a fully qualified data analyst with a strong invoice finance back round willing to join a rapidly growing, hardworking friendly team; quantifying data and developing it into useful analysis and models that will influence the growth of our clients business.

The ideal candidate will be required steer the development of customer analysis to provide insight into historical performance, future forecasts, and opportunities for strategic improvements.

Our client requires the ideal candidate to posses the following attributes:

A well-rounded invoice finance back round, at least 2 years in industry with a steady understanding of how the invoicing process is carried out within client facilities. (ESSENTIAL)

Collaborate with stakeholders to iteratively deliver deep research into business problems.

Find useful structured and unstructured data in our Data Warehouse and Data Lake; suggesting and designing extensions that will improve our capabilities.

Design, prototype, deliver and maintain reports in Power BI, using SQL and DAX.

Design, prototype, deliver and maintain models in tools like R/Python/AWS Sagemaker, using data science toolkits like dplyr or ggplot2.

Be comfortable learning a data transformation tool like Matillion or SSIS.

Be able to work alongside with the client's product teams on a regular basis to plan and prioritize requests, discuss requirements, and ensure delivery of successful business outcomes.

Use data science techniques to identify and take advantage of commercial opportunities, delivering more targeted acquisition, successful customer/portfolio management, and product performance.

Use statistical methods and visualisation to measure and monitor the effectiveness of strategies, initiatives, the development of new products and risk management.

Provide meaningful commentary to help decision-makers act on findings.

Contribute to enhancements to the analytics and data science architecture

Job Details

Reading, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom