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Data Analyst - Workforce Information (NHS)

Phoenix, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, £37,791 , Contract

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An opportunity has arisen for a skilled Data Analyst to support and contribute to the development of workforce performance and planning within the Trust; by producing and analysing complex workforce information reports to deadlines and assisting in the collation of workforce plans in line with Trust objectives, workforce development plans, corporate plans and performance frameworks. This is a fabulous opportunity for an Analyst to join the workforce planning team of a local award winning NHS Trust and to add value back in to the NHS.

Main duties:

Managing Work

* Develop processes and procedures within the Workforce Information, Performance and Planning function for the extraction and analysis of workforce data.

* Ensure the Trust's internal and external workforce reporting obligations are met.

* Ensure that the Trust's workforce information is of the highest quality and adheres to both NHS and Trust data standards. This will include undertaking regular quality audits and the implementation and monitoring of appropriate policies and procedures

* Ensure that the use of workforce information within the directorate is secure and confidential

* Ensure information gathered is accurate, sufficient and relevant to the purpose for which it is intended

* Contribute to the development, establishment and maintenance of appropriate IT and other systems to provide accurate, consistent and timely workforce information.

* Take prompt and effective action to overcome problems in gathering relevant information

* Record and store information according to the Trust's/Directorate's systems and procedures

* Ensure the information gathered is accessible where appropriate

* Identify and develop/implement possible improvements to systems and procedures, informing relevant people or taking action where appropriate

* Ensure the effective use of resources within own sphere of responsibility

* Support the Workforce Performance and Planning Manager in ensuring that projects are delivered within the confines of the designated financial constraints.

Production and analysis of Information

* Responsible for the development and delivery of the collection, production, validation and presentation of workforce information, including making interpretations from complex data and for all levels of the Trust.

* Standard and regular information requirements to be produced to deadlines and issued relevant areas.

* Provide advice, support and information analysis expertise to colleagues, senior managers, service managers and team leaders across the Trust

* Identify interrelations between information and data sets (e.g. population data and workforce data, workforce data and activity/ finance data); apply analysis and present findings

* Create and develop existing report templates from ESR and other existing workforce information systems within the Trust.

* Interrogate workforce information to identify any trends

* Forecast workforce trends against a number of indicators, e.g. Labour turnover, retirement patterns

* Measure workforce performance against agreed performance indicators

This is a non-permanent role initially up to 6 months but with the view of extension. Hours of work are 37.5 hours a week.

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Job Details

Phoenix, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom