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Lead Data Analyst

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, Permanent

Posted: 23days ago


Sitting within the PlatformGSK London HQ hub you will be a core member of EMEA team. Connecting global specialists within the team with the local Publicis teams on the ground across Europe, Middle East & Africa; providing support for workstreams delivered at a regional/global level.

In 2021, GSK we have a focus on the utilization of Data & Analytics, to ensure our avertistments drive efficient & effective business impact. at scale. We are looking for a Lead Analyst to inspire a team of analysts working, be critical to connect with GSK internal analytics, and to build pGSK Data & Analytics capabilities:

* Interrogate new measurement partners, build playbooks, and KPI frameworks

* Partner with pGSK and GSK EMEA leadership teams to develop new ways to measure Business Impact

* Provide quartnerly meta-analyses of media performance to EMEA GSK & pGSK Media Teams

* Oversee team of to ensure functionality & Usability of key analytics products:

* Ensure global/regional Media Performance Dashboard is meeting client satisfaction and data is accurate

* Accountability for Automation workstream to ensure it is delivered on (do not need to have technical knowledge, but an understanding of the tools & tech)

* Day-to-day manager of a team of 6 - 8 analyst in London & India

* Deputy to pGSK Regional Data & Analytics lead and point of contact between GSK & pGSK

Job Details

London, Greater London, United Kingdom