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Procurement Data Analyst

Street, Somerset, United Kingdom, Permanent

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The role

Implementing the best possible procurement strategy at Clarks is a team effort. It's about colleagues collaborating and contributing their own expertise and unique insight to make procurement better. As Procurement Data Analyst, you'll do just that. Taking a detailed look at GNFR spending. Co-ordinating our contract and PO databases. Developing and implementing technology solutions that make procurement strategy smarter and more cost-effective. Offering training to get stakeholders up to speed with procurement. It's a broad, cross-departmental remit but with one focus - supporting what we do and helping implement things that will make it better.

So, when users need access to our buyers and suppliers list, you won't simply grant access - you'll be looking for a way to make that process more efficient in the future. When we work with new suppliers, you'll look for ways to make everything run more smoothly next time. The improvements you'll bring to our Procurement intranet will be plain to see. Similarly - and most importantly - when you present your monthly data analysis reports, you'll find ways to make them more insightful and better understood. And we're talking about the kind of insights that everyone can understand. That don't require further explanation - the value is plain to see. It's that value you provide that makes you so essential to the team here.

A bit about you

Playing an important supporting role in the Procurement team requires specialist knowledge and commitment. So if you're studying for a relevant qualification, all the better. That's because the reports you'll produce are critical to our business. There are regular deadlines to meet and the highest standards of accuracy to maintain. Inboxes to clear within a 48-hour time frame. Unused vendors stripped out every quarter. That's why you'll need expert knowledge of key procurement technologies such as SAP and professional discipline when it comes to following strategically defined processes.

You also understand that procurement is all about good teamwork. Both within your department, with other departments across the organisation and with third parties. Experience tells you that it's all about being prompt in your communication. Clearing your desk of requests relating to PO compliance and supplier contracts and database access requests and anything else in your inbox. Being a reliable, insightful presence within Procurement. It all contributes to the making of a more efficient department and for Clarks at being the unique organisation that so many people love. If you're ready to take your Procurement career to a world-class level, this is your opportunity to bag yourself a future with some serious promise.

Life with us

Over 46 million pairs of Clarks shoes are sold globally. That makes us a £1.5 billion business and a truly worldwide brand. We now have some 12,000 employees across 75 different countries - everywhere from Europe to the Americas. Despite being the world's leading global casual footwear brand, we're still majority owned by the Clark family and based in Street, Somerset - where the Clarks business began. Street is the nerve centre of our business, driving growth and the whole Clarks success story.

The benefits

We've already told you about the degree of flexibility you'll enjoy as a valued addition to our business - but that's just the start. As well as development opportunities, pension and a competitive salary, you'll also enjoy a variety of other benefits. These range from 25 days' holiday (plus bank holidays) to discounted healthcare. And, as everyone loves new shoes, you'll also get a very healthy discount on our products.

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Job Details

Street, Somerset, United Kingdom