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Quantitative Developer

London, Greater London, United Kingdom, £50,000 - £80,000 , Permanent

Posted: 24days ago


Quantitative Developer - Sports betting Hedgefund

Skills: Python, R, Quantitative Analyst, Sports Modeller

Job Summary

Quantitative Analyst/Sports Modeller is required for exciting and progressive Sports betting Hedge fund Company based in London. You will be developing statistical models to compute the probabilities of outcomes in various sports. Sports modelling is their core expertise and the company is structuring the company around creating the best possible technical and cultural environment to enable you to rapidly explore and test alternative models.

As Quant Analyst you will need:

* Statistics graduate/post-graduate

* Python, R programming

* Straight As at A level (or equivalent)

* Kaggle profile (or other practical statistical experience)

The Opportunity

* Opportunities to progress your quantitative developer career.

* Working in GLMs, BMMs, Kalman filters, MCMC and the TrueSkill Ranking system

* Working with some of the brightest Quants within the industry

Job Details

London, Greater London, United Kingdom
£50,000 - £80,000