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Sales Support Data analyst - AVP

Horsley, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, £65,000 , Permanent

Posted: 13 hours ago


Essential Experience:

* Extremely strong interpersonal, analytics and problem-solving skills

* Strong attention to detail and willingness to dig into the data

* Excellent communication skills (written and oral) and demonstrated ability to understand and communicate data-related concepts with others

* Excellent independent research, analysis and documentation skills

* Ability to work with large datasets * Ability to create dashboards/visualizations using BI tools (such as Tableau, Chartio or Looker) and/or advanced usage of other software packages (e.g., Excel/PowerPoint)

* Experience of R

* 2+ years of applicable experience working on data analytics, quantitative modelling or similar analytical roles (e.g., banking, consulting, financial services or sales support)

Job Details

Full Time
Horsley, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom