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SAP Data Analyst

Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom, £ £ 40000.00-50000.00 Annual Annual, Permanent


Company description:

Exertis UK Ltd.

Job description:

Working as part of the Data Governance and Quality team, which incorporates Master Data Management, the successful applicant will have a good knowledge of the main data objects within SAP, including but not limited to vendor, material and customer and ancillary data overlaps.

The location for this role is flexible with travel required to Burnley and, less frequently, Basingstoke.


  • Good knowledge of the tables, applicable TCodes and relevant views is expected as is an understanding of SAP system processes and their use of data. This is to enable an understanding of quality required and the governance required to achieve it, as well as to assist in the triage of issues and design of rules to highlight them for remediation.
  • Ability to relate quality rules derived, to actual business practices and to place cleansing activity in business context, ensuring that the Data Stewards understand and agree with the process of cleansing and the impact of bad data.
  • Ability to be able to understand and link issues with data to specific business processes so as to be able to identify the process impact of bad data.
  • Work with the head of data governance and the business to quantify financially, the effects of bad data in each process area.
  • Be able to work at all levels within the business and develop relationships that will assist in the rolling out of governance and cleanse activities, and the selling of those initiatives in terms of their benefits to the business.
  • Be able to work well with the existing Master Data team, offering suggestions where relevant and tasking the master data execution team and Intozetta Analysts as a part of the implementation of your initiatives.
  • Close liaison with the process and comms analyst, to ensure that any initiatives of yours are assessed for impact on data governance and process is agreed and documented and communicated where relevant.
  • A Degree in computer science or a related field would be the norm for this position, although relevant experience will be considered. In addition, previous analysis experience within a SAP environment is necessary, and industry certifications may be preferred. The SAP data analyst must work well in a team setting, as well as on his/her own with minimal supervision. Additionally, he/she must be able to meet deadlines and project requirements while following privacy and security guidelines. The individual needs to possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills as well. An understanding of the principles of the DAMA DMBOK as a context for Data Governance and Quality Practice is also expected.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Profile, analyze, and identify quality and conversion requirements for organization-wide data.
  • Design, develop, and test methods for data capture, conversion, and scrubbing.
  • Compare captured data to real results and identify areas to improve data. Identification of what Good looks like.
  • Troubleshoot data problems and needs with cross-functional teams, generate evidence and provide recommendations in the form of tactics, quality rules or governance suggestions, and then sell and implement and manage these initiatives.
  • Derivation and Validation with business of data quality rules
  • Liaison with GPOs on issues to facilitate proactive actions.
  • Demonstrate a strong awareness of and commitment to Ethics and Compliance and the DCC Code of Conduct.

This position will support operations by monitoring and analysing master data, key data, and master relationship data within the organization. Ensures master data integrity in key systems as well as maintaining the processes to support the data quality.

Job Details

Not Specified
Burnley, Lancashire, United Kingdom
£ £ 40000.00-50000.00 Annual Annual