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Senior Data Analyst

London, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, £60,000 - £65,000 , Permanent

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Job Title: Senior Data Analyst
Location: Watford
Annual Salary: £60,000 - £65,000
Vacancy Type: Full Time Permanent


The senior data analyst role is to direct, develop, review, manage and organise information management processes, dealing with asset information, metadata attributes, database resources, digital solutions and services across the organisation while ensuring high levels of data quality with the goal of contributing to key business needs, including knowledge acquisition and sharing.

They will provide credentialed data and systems expertise and technical analysis support to various product and project teams.

This individual is also responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing data policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and availability of structured information. Where required, the senior data analyst will design, monitor, maintain, quality assurance and governance of digital systems and databases.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Strategy & Management

* Develop and administer strategies for the use-case-specific modelling.
* Work with application development staff to develop database architectures, coding standards, and quality assurance policies and procedures.
* Develop long-term goals for production databases in conjunction with data owners and department managers.
* Research and properly evaluate sources of information to determine possible limitations in reliability or usability
* They take ownership of the organisation's data analytics and reporting to empower product teams and guide business decisions.
* Train assistants and other members of the team how to properly organise findings and read data collected
* Design computer code using various languages to improve and update software and applications
* Refer to previous instances and findings to determine the ideal method for gathering data
* Perform quantitative analysis of complex business situations, such as strategies, performance, and solutions involving sales and customer performance
* Providing leadership to junior analysts and brainstorming with the manager and teams on approaches or solutions to a business problem.
* Responsible for change management company activities in its area of concern.

Acquisition & Deployment

* Assist in conducting research on software and hardware products to meet agreed upon requirements and to support purchasing efforts.
* Participate in the QA and governance of digital solutions to ensure features and functions have been enabled and optimised.
* Participate in the selection of any requirements documentation software solutions that the organisation may opt to use.
* Collaborate in the planning, design, development, and deployment of new applications, and enhancements to existing applications.
* Conduct research and make recommendations on information management and database products, services, protocols, and standards in support of procurement and development efforts.

Operational Management

* Provide support in the creation of detailed analytical models by providing expert opinion related to the integration and processing of data relevant to the business and information management processes.
* Analyse user requirements for reports, forms, queries, and data extraction.
* Analyse business process and discrepant data scenarios.
* High level advanced triage support to stakeholders, business partners, and product teams in managing specific issue resolution activities.
* Create and document models for new database development and/or changes to existing ones through data flowcharting.
* Coordinate data model development with the higher-level data architecture to ensure cross-application consistency.
* Ensure the stability and reliability of data access and data quality across the organisation via ongoing database support and maintenance.
* Develop and deploy end-user practices and tools for data extraction, queries, and data manipulation in accordance with business processes.
* Monitor database system details within the database, including stored procedures and execution time, and implement efficiency improvements.
* Provide data solutions, tools, and capabilities to enable self-service frameworks for data consumers
* Provide expertise and translate the business needs to design; and develop tools, techniques, and metrics, and dashboards for insights and data visualization
* Responsible for establishing appreciation and adherence to the principles of data quality management, including metadata, lineage, and business definitions
* Assist with the installation and configuration of relevant network components to ensure database access, consistency, and integrity.
* Develop, implement, and maintain change control and testing processes for modifications to databases.

Mandatory Training:
Qualification-Bsc in Data Analysis, computer science, software engineering or similar.

Other-Demonstrable minimum 10 year experience in data management, databases and data governance in an IT department or operational data role.

Qualification-Experience in cloud computing, preferably in Microsoft Azure environment

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Job Details

London, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
£60,000 - £65,000