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Space Planner & Data Analyst

Ware, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, £ £ - Annual Annual, Permanent


Purpose of Role

The purpose of the role is to maintain and provide accurate space planning and data analytical information from Space management systems. This role holder will ensure the administration of those changes are consistent, timely and accurate. The role holder will have a keen understanding of the impact of Space management systems and present data that is clear to the wider management team/client to use to deliver projects and space management allocations across all Ware buildings. The role holder will manage delivery of Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) on site at Ware.

Principal Accountabilities

Customer Service

* Ensure that the customer is at the heart of what we do.

* Work with key stakeholders including, but not limited to, the client's property team, project team, work stream leads and service providers such as IT and third party vendors. Work with colleagues and key vendors to support the ongoing needs of the business as a result of changes and BAU.

* Establish good working relationships with the client and colleagues in order to be recognised as the natural go to person and a trusted partner for space data.

* Monitor, action and escalate incidents as appropriate to achieve agreed service levels.

* Be aware of the key stakeholders across the site and be able to identify their needs, highlighting challenges to the management team so that a proactive culture is created for customers and colleagues.

* All data queries responded to within agreed timescales.

* Ensure all MAC project work is completed within the required timescales.

* Assist in carrying out space surveys as required using the space management systems.

* Maintain and update the Space drawings use AutoCAD or another space management system.


* Coordinate move activity on site with the client by engaging with the delegated champions for the business.

* Meet regularly with the Mitie Account Director and Solutions Manager to update on any changes/challenges you may be facing in respect of IWMS/Space systems.

* Understand the need for confidentiality when undertaking specific tasks and ensure that this is maintained.

* Work closely with the Mitie services to deliver on all aspects of moves and changes as a result of projects.

* Contribute to regular client facing Period Reports with timely and relevant project updates.

* Work with Mitie Services with respect to building changes up to date at all times.


* Work with the Account Director/Solutions Manager and key vendors to administer processes that will enable GSK to gain a clear understanding of how their space is being utilised; including presentation of clear analysis and reporting to the client when required.

* Maintain IWMS/Space systems and databases from a back office point of view, such that customers and colleagues are able to operate as required. Some examples may include, but not be limited to:

1. Locker management

2. Space drawing

3. Cabinet allocation

* Ensure that IWMS/Space Systems are up to date from a customer view/front office point of view, i.e. relevant information about suitability of rooms for particular types of meeting, furniture layouts etc.

* Maintain a clear MAC record, and update report on a weekly basis in respect of new, delivered and closed MAC on site.

* Maintain and modify the MAC playbook if required so that the processes reflect the client's needs.

* Follow best practice when communicating and delivering MAC on site.

* Capture scope, cost and timescale for MAC activity. Coordinate 3rd party costs for MAC activity and ensure agreement and transparency with client in relation to financials for delivering activity.

Data Protection

* Fully understand your data protection obligations.

* Check that any data processing activities involving the Space Management System comply with how the system should be used, are justified and are in line with the consent procedures provided by the client.

* Do not store data incorrectly, be careless with it or breach any data protection agreements and policies in place. Store data in safe and secure ways

Job Details

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Ware, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
£ £ - Annual Annual